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Our Food delivery App Solution

Want to hire a food delivery app developer? Here at infitac we have one of the food delivery application through which your business can reach heights of success as never before.If you are a restaurant owner or have a food delivery business it is very difficult to manage orders, drivers and their dues manually, by taking our food delivery app solution it makes business very easy and more efficient and helps the business to reach new heights of success.

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    Want to expand your business without stress? Buy our food delivery app solution and reach new heights of success

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    Let your delicious food reach every door step with our food delivery app solution, buy it now !

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    Expand your business as never before with our food delivery app solution  app solution and reach to greater heights.

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    Food truck

    Let us make your delicious food reach every door step, just buy our food delivery app solution and expand your business.


Beneficial features with Food Delivery App solution

  • Drivers app

    The drivers app provides the individual to register themselves and allows them to start providing services to the customers

  • Customer delivery tracking app

    Waiting for your order? with the help of this app the customers can easily track their orders online in any of their devices.

  • Admin panel

    The Admin panel is for those individuals who are also the owners of the company and keep an eye on everything in their company.

  • Advance feature 

    These features will help the owner as well as the clients to get comfortable services and good management for particular individual.

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Advantages if you buy this Food delivery app Development solution from infitac

Advantages are important when you outsource your businesses IT to a trusted and experienced company which in return provides your company with unlimited IT support, security and manages your company’s IT infrastructure.

Pre build solution
Pre build solution
Global solution
Global solution
On-premise deployment
On-premise deployment
Payment method
Payment method
End to End user
End to End user

List of full benefits

  • Drivers app

    native apps, real time request, driver dashboard, delivery verification, route, calendar, notes, details, driver tracking, SOS button, performance analysis
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  • Admin Panel

    Secure login, Admin Dashboard, manage drivers, Track drivers manage customers, A, manage vehicles, manage categories, manage tariffs, manual booking, Dispatcher panel, Manage refunds, SMS alert, country/currency setting.

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  • Customer delivery tracking app

    driver tracking, order updates, payments, delivery feedback.

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  • Other features

    Web Tracking, delivery subscription, Tablet app, third party integration.

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We have a bunch of talented developers who are on their feet to help our clients. Infitac will help you from scratch, from implementation to launch. From analysis, payment integration, notification integration, Analytics integration, server setup, backup, support and management we will help in each and every field.


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